Have more than one iDevice?

Gadegetsboy talks about connecting and sharing multipul devices with 3 MiFi.

3 MiFi - Connecting more than one deviceOne thing I’ve had to deal with at first was the problem of having internet and my files between my MacBook, my iPhone and iPad. Especially if you’re always on the move.

I shopped around for best internet deal and found that in the UK Three UK provide a MiFi device which allows me to share internet between my iPad, iPhone and Macbook on the go just like a wireless router, all I have to do is charge it up every night and where possible charge it in the car. I tend to carry the charger around with me so if i ended up in Starbucks and Starbucks internet is slow, i pull my MiFi out and get surfing at good speeds. It’s also protected with a password of my own (WEP KEY) which means no one can tap into my data usage. Another thing was the way I can use it with my iPad2 and iPhone4 for FaceTiming untill maybe Apple allows users to FaceTime over 3G or 4G (jailbreak allows you to though at the moment).

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